Whiteboards and complicate software barely work for math symbols unless you happen to have the newest Ipad with the very best Stilo pen. Even then whiteboards are still extra software floating around, causing crashes and generally unnecessarily gunking up the whole process . I find simply using an external webcam much easier and more relaxing.

Here are a few suggestions for the online setup. Availability on Amazon is always changing so you will possibly have to do some sleuthing yourself. make sure the arm fits the webcam model!

The two suggested arms here fit a c920 which is a great camera for a lot of different uses not just tutoring, but it does cost around $130.

The $50 variant of Logitech will do just fine for lessons, but I’m not sure there is a matching arm so you might have to repurposed a lamp.When setting up your own arm (the hardest part of all of this) please remember:

  • the camera must face straight down, not at an angle. This is very important.
  • make sure you have room to move your arms to write and that the whole page fits in the picture.
  • make sure you check your picture is not upside-down.
  • on Skype and possibly other applications it may look like you are getting a mirror image, don’t worry that is not the case. They just show it to you that way, the person on the other end sees it correctly!