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Growing up as an American expat in Munich, Germany I attended Munich International School (MIS) and frequently traveled back to the US, including several sabbatical years. Coming from an academic family background1 I became something of a math protege, teaching myself calculus at 15. At 17 I majored in math at UC Berkeley and at 20 moved back across to Paris graduating at 21 from the Sorbonne (Jussieu, Paris 7) with the rare “Licence de Math, mention bien” (magna cum laude), see below.

Soon tutoring became more than just a means of survival and took on a life of its own, spawning books and video accounts. In 2012 I returned to the US to work as a tutor in New York City.


2014-2020 Continued successful tutoring both by referral and through the agencies listed below. Both homeschooling and after school students. Many long-term students. Amongst other things taught a multi-variable college calculus course for a group of private students at UCLA (on Skype). Wrote an encyclopedic math-help book synthesizing 20 years of tutoring expertise (currently sending out overview to publishers, available upon request.)

2014-2018 Continued successful tutoring full time with the agencies listed below, added homeschooling and younger grades to my portfolio.

2013-2014 ACT, SAT, ISEE, SHSAT, SSAT (all sections), SAT math subject tests I+II prep and math subject tutoring with Accututor, Tutor Tango, Partners with Parents, the School at Columbia, the United Nations School, Central Park Tutors, A+ tutoring school courses in Brooklyn over the summer.

1998-2012 Munich, Germany: tutored private students taking the SAT, the German Abitur, the International Baccalaureate, the french BAC, A and O levels, the GCSE and students pursuing an American high school diploma. Worked with and at the international schools MIS, BIS and many german gymnasiums in Munich. Had a steady stream of students for 14 years sustained by word of mouth.

1 There is his father’s Stodolsky Theorem in quantum physics, an uncle ran the Human Genome Project and various cousins are mathematicians, internet entrepreneurs and a co-founder of Cisco.

2011 Created a YouTube account “verstehstdu” featuring math videos for the German Abitur. 300k views. Translated a book on quantum mechanics “The Fundamental Constants: A Mystery of Physics” by Harald Fritzsch.

2009 Began teaching students worldwide on Skype. Continue to do so to this day and currently have students from all over (Bulgaria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, France and of course NYC and other US locations.)

2008 Finished the school year for a teacher at Bavarian International School, thereby saving the class from failing their IB higher level math exams.

2007 Wrote a math book for the German Abitur. Negotiations with two major German publishers: “Hirtzel” and “Klett” (a pamphlet in German about this experience is available upon request.)

1996-1998 Munich, Germany: Math tutor at “Studienkreis” and “Lernzirkel” tutoring schools 1995-1996 New York City: Math tutor at Wassing communications in Chinatown
1994-1995 Virginia, USA, computer programmer Biotraces biotech company, ref: Andre Druckier 1991-1993 Munich, patent translations for patent lawyer, James Morgan (German-English) EDUCATION

1990-1991 received a Licence des Maths (BA) with the honors mention bien (magna cum laude), from the Sorbonne Paris 7, Jussieu.

(only 8 out of approximately 500 students received this honor, and only 30% even passed. Many consider a Licence in math to be the equivalent of a MA rather than a BA, as the French Licence covers only mathematics and no other subjects unlike a typical US BA)

1988-1990 UC Berkeley, mathematics major
1980-1988 Munich International School (MIS)
1979-1980 Sequoia school, Palo Alto Ca., JCC
1977-1979 German school grades 1 and 2, (Heimhauserschule)

US citizen (Redwood city CA), Fluent in English, German & French. REFERENCES

Claire Wurtzel: Relative. Personal reference. Education professional , development with teachers, NY,NY (646)300-2436

Michael Weiner: previous owner of Accututor. Michael still sends many students my way. Contact upon request or LinkedIn.

Hubert Burda of Hubert Burda Media
more students and parents from recent years, upon request.

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Recommendations 2020
Here are a couple recommendations from current/recent students

Tutoring with Gregory had helped me a lot through out my classes. He helped stressed the fundamentals of my learning. When working with Gregory not only did I learn tons, but he also made sure I began making good habits, like writing out every step of my work to ensure I don’t make avoidable mistakes. Ultimately working with Gregory has helped me excel and progress through the

math classes that I had previously struggle with.
Thank you again for tutoring me it really helped me a lot through these past 2 years -Jason Shearer, NYC Lab

Gregory Stodolsky is a highly skilled Math tutor and Mathematician who knows how to communicate concepts effectively. He is patient with learners at all levels, and has brilliantly taught my Calculus- level student as well as my Trigonometry student. I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendations.
-mother of two girls at Trinity

I appreciate Gregory about as much as anyone. I first met him in the fall of 2013 when I owned the tutoring service AccuTutor. I knew he would be a great tutor for Math because what he taught me about Calculus was interesting, and I didn’t find Calculus all that interesting in high school.

In the roughly 18 months before I sold AccuTutor, Gregory worked with a lot of my individual clients and also taught standardized test prep for me in classroom settings. In the years since, I’ve referred him to numerous friends and acquaintances, and I’m not surprised I get great feedback. When it came time for my own daughter to get some extra Math help, I knew where to turn, and he’s been helpful to her.

Gregory has tremendous passion for Math and encourages all his students to push themselves to succeed in the subject. As noted, he does the same for various standardized tests (SAT/ACT/high school tests). And at a moment in history where distance learning matters so much (with covid-19 spreading), Gregory’s long experience in teaching over the internet is all the more helpful. -Michael Weiner, daughter at Trinity

Gregory tutored my daughter from middle school 7th grade through high school 11th grade. He worked to ensure that my daughter understood the material not just getting her assignments done. My daughter has challenges in the area of executive functioning and anxiety. Gregory has a great understanding of this and effectively tutored her to address her learning issues to much success. When my daughter was unable to attend a tutoring session ( because of illness, or workload) Gregory was quick to work with her on Skype. Effectively prepared her for her ISEE/SSAT and later on for the ACT. My daughter is currently A freshman in college finished last semester with a 3.9 GPA .She is confident in her math skills because she has a great foundation. She is presently taking Statistics and Economics and doing really well. Gregory prepared her to succeed and gave her the confidence she needs to seek help if she finds difficulty. Based on out experience Gregory is highly recommended. Thank you

Airam Ortiz

After weekly tutoring by Greg Stodolsky our son Ethan improved a full ten points from his previous ACT score. Greg knows his stuff, is an excellent communicator and is fully committed to helping his students reach their full potential. We feel very fortunate to have had his help. I think a 32 will be a big leg up for him at the schools he wants to go to so thanks again.

-Ken Brooks

Greg helped me unlock the inner curiosity and desire to learn more about math that was stifled by previous math class experiences. Between his comprehensive knowledge about anything even partly tangential to math, to his willingness and eagerness to go ‘off the track’ to dive into new topics, I never find myself bored or feeling repetitive while working with him – and often discover so many new things in the field of math I never would’ve covered otherwise!
-Trinity student, SAT 1520

As a parent what I most want for my child is to have confidence in her abilities and an appreciation that hard work is not only required, it will pay off. That was the lesson you taught Anne this winter, and it’s one I’m confident she will carry beyond her Math studies in the coming years. Your perseverance demonstrated remarkable insights into the mind of a very bright and very stubborn young lady. You showed Anne she can do Math, and what’s more, she can excel. Finding a tutor willing to devote two hours a day every day over a two-week period seemed near impossible. I’m so glad “we” had the fortitude and luck to find you when we did. Thank you for the skill, passion and insight you bring to every session with our daughter. We are so grateful for the way you enabled Anne to meet the Math

challenge head-on, with success and confidence.

-The parent was a staff reporter for the Wall Street journal for 15 years and is now senior director at Pfizer.