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Hello! My name is Gregory Stodolsky, UC Berkeley/Sorbonne magna cum laude mathematics grad. I am a math subject and standardized exam tutor and author of math-help books with a genuine love of helping students achieve their full potential. With 20 years of proven results tutoring elementary, middle and high-school mathematics and standardized exams, I have developed a huge arsenal of tricks and best practices for each and every one of these exams and topics in school-math.

Having tutored both the English and the math sections of standardized exams extensively, I love to share the insights and methods I have developed that help dramatically improve scores. I’ve worked with many of the premiere and widely respected tutoring companies in the Tri-state area.

My own most recent scores (2019) are: SAT 1570 (M 780, E 790) out of 1600. ACT 36 (E36 R36 M36 S36)

The other half of what I do is math subject tutoring. My experience is that there are basically two types of math tutors. Many are former humanities students who are often not very confident in their mathematical abilities, even needing to review math exercises before teaching a class. The other type are graduate level STEM students with little experience teaching at the high-school level. For this second type of tutor, being good at math usually does not translate into actually being able to help students navigate the many pitfalls of elementary, middle and high-school math. The combination of being something of a math protege early on (see resume), and 20 years of hands-on experience tutoring math makes me very unique in this respect. Please see the school-math page for more elaboration.

Overall I try to emphasize the fundamental concepts that reappear throughout both math and English. I believe that tutoring should be more than just rote memorization to pass the next exam, as this does not does not lead to any real long-term progress for the student. In fact, one of the flaws of my business model is that too many students gain enough skill and confidence and no longer need me!

In reality, of course, sometimes students do simply have to get through the next exam. Over the years I have developed nuanced approaches to best help each particular type of student and their particular needs.

A good part of my clients are also exceptional students doing work well above their grade levels. Some are considering a future in science or even math itself. I do a lot of calculus AB/BC, college multi-variable, linear algebra and more.

In every case, students will be glad to have a tutor who provides a meaningful learning process, while at the same time offering a path to immediate improvement. I am looking forward to working together!

Hailing from a highly academic background (see resume) I majored in math at UC Berkeley and received a “Licénce de Math” from the 7th branch of the Sorbonne (Jussieu, Paris 7) where I received a “mention bien” (magna cum laude) on my first pass. (see below)

In recent years asides from tutoring I have also been working on a math-help book based on my approach. I translated a book on quantum mechanics. I am a musician as well as an amateur chess player (rating 1916, 97% chess.com, 3 day).

A Licence de Math at the 7th branch of the Sorbonne (Jussieu, Paris 7) is the pride of the grand nation and notoriously rigorous. A Licence de math is also far more extensive mathematically than a US mathematics BA, to which it is legally equivalent, even from a great school like UC Berkeley. In France you study only pure mathematics, no other subjects, and so many consider a Licene de Math to be much more like a MA than a BA in mathematics. Only 30% even pass their Licence on their first attempt.